Getting My $6 Worth

When it comes to time management and organization for my family, I’ve tried just about everything. Planners inevitably end up lost in the black hole that is my purse…if I ever remember to carry a purse in the first place. I’ve also tried computer programs, but the time and effort of booting up my laptop […]

Just So You Know

JC Penney is offering FREE haircuts for kids through the entire month of August. After selling my soul for the cost of school clothes, shoes, and supplies (remember the $20 pens and the lime notebook?), free haircuts were a much-needed blessing. My poor scraggly boys no longer look like they got beat in their heads […]

A Good Book I Read…

Last week, we took the Heathens to the local library so that G-Man could select a biography for his upcoming book report. While we were there, I perused the cookbook section for some fresh ideas. I love my Kindle, but when it comes to cookbooks, I need the real thing. Why? Well, I guess it […]

My Prescioussss…Version 2.0

This is what my husband got me for Christmas: Yep, it’s a Kindle Fire, and I love it. Since I have my pretty-pink-laptop, I was not really in the market for anything as fancy as iPad, though it sure did look cool. First, iPads were a smidgen out of our budget, and even if they […]

How ‘Bout No?

With heat and humidity creeping back into our weather, I had hoped to do a little something with my hair that didn’t involve cutting or perpetual ponytails. My poor hair is a freak-show. Up until I had kids, it was super-straight, and could not hold a curl to save its’ life. Back in the 80’s, […]


As my husband was working on our repurposed Kuerig-cup seed project this weekend, my camera started acting pretty twitchy. And after a very short amount of time, twitchy became non-functional. After I finished hyperventilating, I finally gathered the mental wherewithal to check Google for an answer to my cameral dilemma. In very short order, I […]