Bean Turns One!

Though I’ve been steeped in denial for weeks, and hoping if I ignored it, it would go away, Bean’s first birthday arrived. I’m not ready for her to be a year old. Not one bit. I understand that my alarming level of depression is completely disproportionate to the situation, but even the thought of her […]

I Should Have Known Better

Than to set Bean next to a pile of clean, folded laundry while I answered the phone. Didn’t I learn my lesson last time? She abhors anything that is stacked or organized. She must create disarray where she perceives order. She thunders through my house like Godzilla, and the rest of us are the citizens […]

Bean and the Cake

“I see you’re making a cake…” “What do you mean I can’t have any?!? We’ll see about that!” “HMMMMMM CAKE!!” It’s kind of difficult to tell the little beast “no” when she has an entire houseful of guys on her side.