About Bayou-Mama

Hi! I’m Bayou-Mama.

I am a wife and stay-at-home mom in Louisiana, doing a job that is rewarding in theory, but may put me in the loony bin eventually. Life in my house is like wrangling a wet octopus…it’s never easy, but it’s sure dang funny.

I have a husband who I adore, three kids who keep me on my toes and a pile of laundry that expands exponentially when no one is watching. I spend my days working, cooking, cleaning, playing and trying to not to fall in the toilet because one of my boys left the seat up. I have a crippling Diet Coke addiction, I am snarly in the morning and I make this motherhood thing up as I go along. If you want an OCD-triggering look into the day-to-day of this circus, follow me on Instagram at BayoumamaLa.

Now, meet the rest of my circus:

My Husband

My BFF, the love of my life and the guy that makes me laugh every single day…when he is not making me tear my hair out by poking me in the ribs, hiding the remote or encouraging Heathen anarchy. He likes coffee, sushi and iPhone apps.  I like watching him use power tools.

The Heathens

G-Man (also known as oldest, Demon-Baby and secret ringleader)

He’s my awesomely smart, incredibly sweet,  light of my heart. He also inherited his father’s talent for logic and my smart-ass mouth. That’s a dangerous combination for a 10 year-old. He likes Nerf guns, video games and watching reruns of Swamp People.

Bear (also known as former youngest, Monkey and squeak)

He’s my freckle-faced baby who is so sweet, I’m prone to ignore the fact that he just cut holes in every blanket we have to make a blanket scrapbook. His cuteness is often his get-out-of-jail-free card. He likes Lego’s, turtles, and snack-time.

Bean (also known as Boogity and the Boss)

Bean is the newest addition to our family. She is my first girl (praise jeebus!) and has turned our house upside down. She never does what we expect, keeps everyone on high alert and has the whole crew wrapped around her little Hulk-like fist. Bean knows her Kung Fu is stronger, and wields her baby power to the tune of “Go Go Godzilla!” She likes eating, sleeping, eating some more, and being carried around to her heart’s content.


7 thoughts on “About Bayou-Mama

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  2. I met your mom and dad at the Texas Roadhouse in West Haven, CT tonight. I was their server and we had a nice chat about their stay in CT and they told me all about you and your blog. I too have 2 children, both girls, ages 6 and 9. Your blog and recipes sounded good when your mom told me about them so I thought I’d check it out.

    Your parents seem like very nice people and I hope I see them again before they head back home.

  3. This is a FUN and REAL place to come visit! I love your style. I saw the research student above…Whatever the reason you blog, I’m glad of it. 🙂
    ~Cindy aka ‘Clee’ aka Cindy Lee. Farmgirl 4502.

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